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Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Executive Summary about Make Up Tips by Lynn Starner

Makeup tips for blue eyes are pretty straightforward.
There are some colors that seem to be made for blue eyes. If you want to add a little “oomph” to your makeup, try a bright blue instead. You’ve always heard bad things about blue eyeshadow.

However, these makeup tips for blue eyes include bright blue eyeshadow because it will make your eyes really stand out. Bright pinks and fuschia are great choices as well. And if you really want to mix it up, try mixing black with another color.

Now, I wouldn’t give you makeup tips for blue eyes without giving you tips to apply them.

*Line your eyes with charcoal or dark gray eyeliner.
*Apply mascara.

You can adjust the colors to be icy pink with fuschia, light and dark turquoise, gold and taupe, gray and bright blue, light blue and bright blue, silver and bright blue, taupe and green, etc.

Eye Make Up Tips, Natural Make up Tips

Summer 2010 Makeup Tips

Of course, pick a brand that gives you SPF 15 for extra protection against summer’s high UVA/UVB rays. Mineral makeup is also a great choice for summer 2009 makeup. Blush is still sheer pinks, roses, peaches and apricots. Keep it light and natural.

Eyeshadow for summer 2009 makeup tips is the most fun. It’s easy to wind up looking like a clown with colors this bright and bold, so use a single color at a time.

*Create a “smokey eye” using a bold color in place of brown or charcoal.
*Simply use a bright colored eyeliner in addition to your normal eyeshadow.

Lips this season are going glossy, but think “subtle shine” vs “oil slick”. Stick with the same skin-brightening colors for lips as you do for blush; pinks, roses, light corals and apricots.

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