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Solid Pine Chest of Drawers

For most people, buying a chest of drawers can be a pretty important choice. Plastic furniture is cheap, but generally looks pretty bad. Fortunately, buying a solid pine chest of drawers doesn’t have to cost too much, and it will look very nice for most decors and rooms. Although most people consider pine to be below oak, maple, etc., there are some who prefer pine for its unpretentiousness and simplicity. One of my personal favorites in terms of furniture styles makes extensive use of pine, and that style is Mexican (also known as Southwestern or New Mexican).

This tradition of woodworking accounts for the generally weaker structure of pine by using thicker pieces of it in making furniture, making for a style that is distinctive for especially solid looking furniture. A pine chest of drawers done in this style will have presence without appearing bloated or excessively heavy, rather the overall composition usually looks quite balanced.

Another style commonly done in pine is the rustic style. Many charming pine dressers are done in this style, and this furniture can be a real joy to have in the home. Pretty often people who solid wood flooring select a real wood style for the rest of your piece of furniture.

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a solid pine chest of drawers, walnut sideboard or a wicker chest of drawers always bear in mind the rest of an individual’s homes interior design.

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White Chest of Drawers

Welcome to White Chest Of Drawers. Before we talk about a white chest of drawer in specific let me give you some general tips for when buying a new chest of drawers.

How many drawers and check the dimensions:

*south shore 4 drawer
*4 nice big drawers
*Graco Kimberly 5 drawer
*south shore 5 drawer

Like the Graco this units has loads of space with 5 big drawers. This chest of drawers has been created from eco-friendly wood and uses Sintec drawer glides. south shore 5 drawers crystal

The drawer is made of composite wood panels and drawers have nice crystal knobs and kick plates. A white chest of drawers in not only a practical piece of furniture for storage of those small items that don’t require hanging space, it can compliment any number of design schemes. Whether you need a chest of drawers for your chic, grown up monochromatic room or for your baby’s nursery, white is the ideal color to suit. You can choose small 3 drawer units or a larger 5 or 7 drawer unit depending on your storage needs. If you have created a black and white scheme, you can mix and match your furniture and include pieces in both colors. Some white furniture will lighten the overall effect of your overall design choice. Alternatively, you might choose all white furniture and use soft furnishings and art in black to create your contrast. Choosing white furniture now, will allow you greater flexibility if you want to redesign your room later. Whether you are designing your first baby’s nursery, a fairy princess palace for your young daughter or a cool lads pad, a white chest of drawers together with a suite of white bedroom furniture will fit beautifully. If you are decorating a nursery you might consider a chest of drawers or dresser with a baby changing unit.

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