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Mineral Powder

What Makes Up Mineral Powder Makeup?

Executive Summary about Mineral Powder by Merilee Paige

What is mineral makeup?
Mineral powder also produces natural UV radiation protection since the powder base uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as basic substances.

Use on Any Type of Skin
Mineral powder makeup is recommended for any type of skin. The finely crushed micro ionized pigments, does not make skin pores clog. The skin is allowed to breathe and produce the vitamins essential for healthy skin. Because most of the mineral powders have zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, gold, aluminum, and magnesium, the properties inherent in these minerals refresh, relax and automatically rejuvenate a person’s skin.

This type of mineral face makeup never runs. Many dermatologists have given feedback that because mineral powder makeup eliminates the common skin irritants found in makeup like: preservatives, synthetic dyes, fragrances and binders, mineral powders are considered “purer” and are gentler to the skin.

Tough mineral powder makeup brands may claim that they use pure mineral formulations in their products, not all the mineral content can be considered pure and non irritant. It gives mineral powder makeup a certain “candlelight” glow on your skin.

Sensitive Skin Beware
It is best to avoid the mineral powder products that have this particular ingredient if you have very sensitive skin.

Mineral Powder Makeup, Mineral Powder Foundation

Male Makeup

A few years back, male makeup was a taboo subject. But today whether you are talking of a manly man or a metrosexual man, the industry of male makeup is really booming.

1. Skin care basics for men: This did not really deviate from women’s skin care.

2. Translucent powder power: males are often recommended to have the translucent powder variety.

3. Concealer: A male makeup option that you can use liberally is the concealer as long as it closely resembles your natural skin color.

4. Mineral Makeup Option: A makeup line that you can try is the mineral makeup variety since among the many types of makeup available these days for both men and women, mineral makeup is attractive for its simplicity and realistic look.

5. Lipstick and lip balm: Lip balm is always good for male lips.

6. Fake Tanning and Corrective Cosmetology for Men: Fake tannings, skin shade blending, firming and hydrating are some of the few products that males can put in addition to their daily basic makeup regimen.

In getting the hang of male makeup, whether you are applying it for yourself or another, practice makes perfect.

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