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Eyeliner is a type of cosmetic used along the rim of the eye. There are four main categories of eyeliner available, liquid, powder-based pencil, wax-based pencil, and kohl. Liquid and pencil eyeliners are available in nearly every imaginable color, including glitter varieties.

Liquid eyeliner is the most difficult type to apply and creates the most dramatic effect. Pencil eyeliners are easier to control and have a more subtle look than liquid eyeliners. Powder-based pencils are harder and can create a more defined line than the wax-based variety. Kohl-style liners are available in the United States in pencil, loose powder, and pressed powder forms. Make your own eyeliner. This homemade eyeliner keeps the eyes cool and puts a sparkle in them.

Before you begin applying the eyeliner, there are a few things you should do, firstly, apply any other eye makeup you want to use before adding eye liner and mascara.

Eyeliner Pencil
1. The eyeliner pencil should be able to draw a thin, unbroken line along your skin – test it on your hand or arm first.
2. Be wary if your eyeliner pencil tip is quite dry, as this may pull at delicate eye tissue. Draw the line with care if this is the case.

Liquid Eyeliner
1. Liquid eyeliner comes in a bottle rather like ink, and you must use a separate brush to apply.
2. You do not need to try and paint a continuous line with liquid eyeliner. Start at the middle of the lash line and draw towards the outer corner. You can extend the line slightly past the outer corner of your eyelid if you wish.

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