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Banana Beauty

Anyone who has eaten a banana knows that banana flesh is soft and emollient. Banana Beauty Balm is a cleanser and moisturizer in one. Banana Beauty Balm soothes all skin types, especially dry.


* 1/2 fresh banana
* 1 tablespoon fresh heavy whipping cream, lightly warmed
* 1 teaspoon honey, lightly warmed
* 1 drop German chamomile (Matricaria recutita) essential oil

Stir to combine, then add to the banana pulp. Stir well.
Allow Banana Beauty Balm to remain on your skin for a few minutes while you enjoy eating the other half of the banana. Enjoy!
Banana flesh is not only soft, but it soothes the skin. Bananas are high in potassium, vitamins; and minerals. Bananas contain a natural relaxant called triptophan.

The Banana Beauty Balm contains a great anti – inflammatory essential oil called azulene. The Banana Beauty Balm is comforting to all skin types.

The Banana Beauty Balm should remain on the skin for about five minutes. Banana also plays as a vital and wonderful face mask. Benefits of Banana as a Face Mask

Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals, and contain triptophan, a natural relaxant. Banana is a cleanser and moisturizer in one. Banana Face Mask Recipe I

Mash up a very ripe banana. Banana Recipes for Face Mask II

* 1 small banana
* 2 tablespoons fresh heavy cream
* 1 tablespoon organic honey
* 1 tablespoon oat flour
* rose hydrosol

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Beauty after 25

The skin which cannot retain its moisture turns dry, rough, dull and wrinkled. routine after you pass your mid twenties so that the cells in your skin can retain maximum moisture and your skin remains firm, moist and young right up to old age.

Some people believe erroneously that moisturizing creams and lotions alone will keep the moisture level of the skin in perfect balance. It is a good idea to use homemade moisturizing cream regularly after the age of 25 onwards, because this cream helps keep the skin soft, dewy and alive. But before applying any cream, remove all traces of makeup with homemade cleansing cream. To make the cream take one tablespoon of gram flour and mix to a paste with cream of milk. Blot dry and then apply this homemade cream on the face and neck.

Mix in tour tablespoons of cream of milk, two melted. After you cross 25 use only moisture laden foundation creams because they not only protect a dry skin and help maintain a normal skin but also protect the skin from wind, sun, cold and dust. Beauty is both natural as well as acquired. This happens because the cells lying at the skin layers lose its ability to retain their moisture.

This loss of moisture of the skin makes it turn rough, dry, dull, and wrinkled.
You need to put efforts to make your skin retain the maximum possible moisture which will keep your skin youthful till the old age.

Remember that the inner health of your skin is of more importance than looking after the outer skin. Removing all traces of makeup before applying homemade cleansing cream should be done.
After drying apply the homemade cream on your face and neck.

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