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Manicure Designs

The most common manicure styles women usually go for are the French manicures. Find your favorite design from the mentioned below.

The silver dots look like water drops on the clear nail polish which is applied on the entire nail during the manicure.

Some women prefer to do these designs on the acrylic nails and then paste them on the original nails. More on acrylic nail .

Lines and Glitter
Another of the manicure designs are the lines which can be drawn either horizontally or vertically on the manicured nails. A lot of manicure fans, like to get a base of glitter nail polish instead of clear nail polish for the French manicures. More on acrylic nails.

French manicure is a classic and sophisticated form of manicure and one of the most elegant types of nail art. Traditional French manicure has a light pink (or nude) base nail coat and stark white polish on the nail tips.

Reverse French Manicure
One of the unusual and unique French manicure designs is the ‘reverse French manicure design’. If you want the reverse French manicure, first cover the nails with a base coat of any opaque color shade.

Marbled French Manicure
This French manicure design requires a bit of a skill to get those swift brush movements. You can apply this design on the regular French manicured nails as well. Now, apply a few dots (4 to 5 each) of all the nail polish colors on the nail tips in a random manner.

Diagonal French Manicure
This French manicure design is great for teenagers. Now coat this virtual tip with an opaque color shade and the remaining nail with a sheer nail polish!

Chevron French Manicure
This design doesn’t require a lot of modification in the basic idea of the French manicure designs. The sharp edge which is formed in the middle of the nail tip, boasts a really elegant and utterly feminine nail art design with French manicure. Chevron French manicure can also be performed with reverse French manicure by using the desired color combination.

Modified French Manicure
This is the latest invention as far as the French manicure designs are concerned. This design is all about an attractive change in the original French manicure. When both these curves get completely dry, then color the remaining nail with a contrasting shed of nail polish!

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