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Wholesale Cosmetics

Start a Wholesale Make Up Business

Executive Summary about Wholesale Cosmetics by Becky Bradshaw

Well, a cosmetics business is a great way to earn extra cash from home. The start up costs are low and there is massive profit potential for anyone willing to put in a little time and effort.

The beauty industry is truly enormous, with sales of makeup generating billions of dollars annually all over the world. New products are being introduced all the time, and the market is continuing to grow.

Manufacturers are widening their net to target the male grooming market, teenagers and even younger children. A car boot sale / market stall or a cosmetics party for friends could easily net you £100 or more profit for a few hours work.

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Wholesale Cosmetics – 5 Tips How to Spot Fakes

If you are an inexperienced wholesale cosmetics buyer then avoiding fakes can be easier said than done.

1. Beware sellers on some of the large B2B sites.
2. On B2B sites, check if a seller is Verified or has Trusted credentials and exactly what that status means.
3. If using an auction site check out the seller feedback. If possible contact other previous buyers to check that the seller is genuine.
4. Only ever use trusted and traceable payment methods such as a credit card or a reputable internet payment merchant. Credit cards usually offer extra protection. Never ever send cash, or use a cash transfer service.

If you are careful when buying wholesale makeup, there is no reason that you should not have a safe and successful buying experience.

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