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Ulta Cosmetics

Choosing the Right Mineral Makeup Foundation

Executive Summary about Ulta Cosmetics by Suzann Kale

There’s no doubt that mineral makeup is becoming the rage. How does a busy woman choose the mineral foundation that is right for her?

Steps in Choosing a Mineral Foundation
So you can usually buy a product with confidence, knowing that returns are accepted gracefully.

Second, some online companies, like Monave Minerals, Afterglow Cosmetics, Suncat Minerals, Cleopatra’s Choice, and many others, offer samples for sale at a low cost. Bare Minerals is in both these stores, and Urban Decay can be sampled at Sephora.

Foundation Colors and Undertones
If you want to choose a mineral foundation online, you’ll have more companies to choose from. Warm colors have bases that are yellow or gold; cool colors have bases that are more blue. Women with redness issues might choose a yellow-based foundation, which could cover the red better.

Some companies sell their minerals as part of a larger kit. Sheer Cover and Lauren Hutton Makeup do that.

Application Tips
After you’ve applied your test foundation, look at it in different lights – sunlight, fluorescent light, and incandescent light. Then apply a setting, or finishing powder, if you want more of a matte finish, and check your new makeup in the three different lights again. Foundation without setting powder on top gives a very different look than foundation with the addition of a finishing powder.

Working with mineral makeup is fun. Mixing colors and experimenting with different brands is fun. With minerals, the tedium of daily makeup application has been replaced by creativity, and a shortened application time.

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Changing to Non-Animal Tested Cosmetics (Without Spending a Fortune)

You love animals?

1. Start with a current list of cosmetics companies that do not test their products on animals. Surprisingly, you may find you already have many animal-friendly products. Popular mineral makeups like Bare Minerals, are non-animal tested. You probably already own makeup from the drug store or department store that, when checking against your list, will prove to be cruelty-free. Almay, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Citré Shine hair products, Dermablend, John Paul Mitchell, OPI, and many other commonly known brands are all keepers.

2. Specialty cosmetics stores like Ulta or Sephora carry many non-animal tested brands. If you’ve been shopping there, you’re in good shape with makeup from Urban Decay, Smashbox, and Philosophy. When checking websites, look for animal-testing information in the FAQs sections, the company philosophy sections, or the product information section. You don’t want to waste money trying makeup or skincare products that you can’t use.

• Read lots of product reviews. Breaking the chain of pain at your makeup table need not be an overwhelming – or expensive – task. Trying

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