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Stream Cosmetics: Destined for Success?

Executive Summary about Makeup Cosmetics by Jasmine Sanchez

With so many airbrush manufacturers, such as Dinair Airbrush Makeup and Temptu, the entry of Stream Cosmetics into the airbrush makeup industry has made people curious. Stream Cosmetic brings along a range of airbrush cosmetics as well as other conventional makeup to provide women across the globe with a memorable airbrush experience.

Stream Cosmetics:

*It is a division of Luminess Air, a well known company in the airbrush makeup industry offering a wide range of makeup and home tanning solutions.

*The company offers deals for makeup professionals and spa owners.

*The company provides makeup artists and users with classes through Stream University. Students will be taught by leading makeup professionals how to apply makeup in an expert way.

Cosmetics Online, Foundation Makeup

Stream Cosmetics: A New Entry to the World of Airbrush Makeup

It has been created as a division of Luminess Air. In charge of the makeup’s development is Sean Mehta, a leading makeup artist. The makeup mixes natural ingredients with the latest technology.

Stream Cosmetics’ makeup line includes:
• Airbrush Foundation: The company offers Dewy foundation for dry skin, and Matte foundation for oily skin.
• Eye shadows: It offers airbrush shadows ranging from conventional earthy tones to vibrant shades.

Final Thoughts
Stream Cosmetics is one of the few airbrush makeup manufacturers that offer makeup for all your facial features.

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