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Foundation Makeup

Foundation Basics

Executive Summary about Foundation Makeup by Jenna Lea

Foundation makeup (base) is the first step to any professional look. It evens skin tones and hides flaws. Tinted sunscreen, liquid base, mousse, stay-wear, pancake, cream to powder, concealer, and mineral makeup are all varieties of makeup that are used regularly.

Tinted sunscreen is a light foundation type of makeup that is not a good concealer. Liquid base, mousse, and stay-wear are all forms of traditional makeup. Stay-wear is a waterproof foundation makeup that is smudge proof and comes as a liquid base but turns into a creamy powder after application.

Pancake, concealer, and cream to powder are thick makeups applied in similar ways. After application, the makeup gets a thick powder consistency with great coverage.

Mineral foundation makeup is light dusting powder that is applied with an applicator brush. Mineral makeup is easy.

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Foundation Makeup – Some Basics

The little imperfections, dark shadows, or uneven areas of skin lead us on a hunt for the perfect foundation which will help us achieve a smooth, beautiful looking face.

For women in need of a light to medium coverage, a powder foundation will do the trick. Women looking for a thicker coverage will find better luck with a liquid foundation. This type of foundation is much heavier and needs to be well-matched to the skin tone in order to achieve the right look.

Whether bottled, spray, or cake, liquid foundation gives an overall coverage for a smooth, creamy look. Foundation can be one of the trickiest parts of a makeup routine. For the most part, makeup beginners will likely have trouble with their foundation, but a little study and some questions from more experience makeup users/consultants will lead to a knowledge which will benefit women for a lifetime.

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