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Ear lobe jobs may sound silly, but for any woman with a penchant for long, dangling earrings it’s a miracle. Heavy earrings pull down the lobe, creating a stretched look or in some cases causing tears. Many women find that they cannot even wear earrings if the problem becomes too severe.

For more severe cases, a “purse-string method” can often correct tears and excessive droop. The cosmetic surgery basically removes the piercing opening. It helps the lobe return to its original shape and there is no visible scarring.

Afterwards, you should avoid wearing heavy earrings, especially for long periods of time. Like using an injectable, there are few risks for this quick, inexpensive procedure. If you can’t shake the habit, plastic surgery can help.

You don’t have to let fashion trends weigh your ears down or wear out your feet. Cosmetic surgery options can allow you to sport your favorite styles without sacrificing personal comfort. If you’re considering either earlobe or stiletto surgery, research your doctors and weigh all the risks carefully before committing to a decision.

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Facial Skin Care – Try Natural Methods to Shield Your Skin From Sun Damage

If you drive all during the day, especially during rush hour, you are the perfect target for the sun. Even limited exposure everyday can cause harm to your face, particularly between 10 am and 4 pm, when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

For this reason, wearing sunscreen specially formulated for the delicate skin on your face can help, particularly if you are fair-skinned. Fashion can actually help encourage facial skin care. You can also shield yourself from UV rays with a wide-brimmed hat, especially if you are at a beach, pool, or park all day. Such fashion statements can make you both stylish and smart, making your facial skin care routine easy to adhere to.

Sunlight tends to bring on acne, so whether your face is oily or dry, be sure to drink water all day.

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