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Cosmetic Dermatology – A New Take on Facials

Executive Summary about Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories by Beth Ortiz

Facelifts, botox, and laser resurfacing are all popular methods employed to reverse the effects of aging.

The burgeoning frequency of cosmetic dermatology treatments is a testament both to people’s concern with their appearance as well as the effectiveness of the treatments in counter-acting the aging effects of wrinkles, blemishes, scarring, etc.

Age unfortunately causes us to lose the elasticity in our skin and the skin becomes looser and less able to maintain a smooth texture; this loss of elasticity causes wrinkles. It is common for people to begin considering cosmetic dermatology when topical treatments for wrinkles and damaged skin are not drastic enough on their own to reverse the effects of aging. These treatments are not for aging alone, however. The most common injection treatments are botox and radiesse. Lasers are also simple and effective for facial and vein treatment.

Cosmetic Dermatology, Dermatologist

Cosmetic Dermatology – What Prospective Patients Should Know

If skin cancer has not yet occurred, but the pigmentation is still annoying, cosmetic dermatology treatments often use laser technology. Specifically, irregular pigmentation is caused when the skin produces an excess amount of melanin in order to protect itself from ultraviolet rays. The laser heat breaks apart the skin molecules that have been affected by melanin and erases them.

In the case of premature wrinkling, cosmetic dermatology often uses injections such as Botox. The goal of these injections is to fill out the area of the skin, thereby erasing the wrinkle. Wrinkles prematurely can occur because the ultraviolet rays depleted the amount of hyaluronic acid that the skin produces.

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