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Cheap Makeup

Where to Find Cheap Makeup

Executive Summary about Cheap Makeup by Bronwen Pollard

Not only do you get to give your loved one a great makeup product for less, but you can also buy yourself (or your partner!) some cheap makeup in time for the office party!

Newspapers and magazines often advertise when there are cheap makeup products for sale, and this is the place where you will also find vouchers for money off cosmetic products. Also check in free newspapers for offers and coupons plus which brands shops stock as they will often advertise their products in these papers and tell you when sales are coming or when they have offers on branded cosmetics.

There are so many good, reputable businesses that sell cheap makeup online that there is no reason to pay full price for your makeup anymore. These businesses can sell cheaper cosmetic products as they buy in bulk, therefore getting greater discount from their suppliers so they can then pass onto the customer.

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Benefit Make Up

Benefit Cosmetics are home to the Benefit make up range that sells fun, innovative make up that is appealing to all ages. Their solution focused products and quick fix make up ideas have made Benefit make up a favourite across the world, in small shops and major department stores alike. They are a subsidiary of French-owned Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy which acquired a controlling equity stake in Benefit Cosmetics in 1999.

Benefit Cosmetics is currently the third best-selling makeup brand in the United Kingdom. The twins themselves agree that the Benefit make up product Benetint was their breakthrough product. Initially designed as a colour enhancer for nipples of exotic dancers, Jean and Jane realised that they had a success on their hands when all the exotic dancers in the area were lined up round the block to purchase this amazing Benefit make up. The biggest selling Benefit product is the BADgal lash mascara.

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Makeup Shop

How to Shop Smart at the Beauty Counter

Executive Summary about Makeup Shop by Sabah Karimi

When you’re looking for a new makeup brand or just want to try a few new products at the beauty counter, you’ll probably be approached by a beauty expert (a.k.a. sales person) who can guide you through the maze of products.

Here are some simple tips for shopping smart at the beauty counter:

  • No matter what the beauty expert is going to tell you, know

your limit for spending on makeup and beauty products. It’s the beauty expert’s job to convince you to purchase a full-sized product, but they’re usually well-stocked with miniature versions and samples of the product if you’re not ready to make the leap.

  • Many beauty counters offer freebies and special beauty ‘events’ where you can get a free tote filled with samples and new products with a purchase. These offers can help you try out some new products from your favorite line without having to buy the full-sized product.

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Best Makeup Trends For Fall 2008

Fall 2008 Makeup Trend: Green Eyeliner

Jewel tones are still a top trend for Fall 2008, and accenting brown or hazel eyes with green eyeliner gives you a fresh, eye-catching look. Green eyeliner works well with brown or black mascara and offers maximum impact with a neutral eyeshadow.

Fall 2008 Makeup Trend: Super-Glossy Lips

Since it’s the season for dark lip colors and rich lip stains, go super-glossy with your look with a shiny gel-based lip gloss on top. It’s the season to create a patent leather-inspired look, so you can aim for maximum shine over a matte look whenever possible. Top lip shades for the season include burgundy, wine and deep bronze.

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