Perusahaan CV. ADHI JAYA

Perfect Eyebrows

Balance is the key attribute well-shaped eyebrows can give your face. A well groomed brow will frame the eye and give the face a polished look.
1. Pluck brows in a room with plentiful daylight.
2. Use good tweezers, the one that can hold the hair tightly.
3. Pluck brows after a shower, when your pores are still open. The rule along the length of the brow is to pluck only from beneath the brow. Let the brow extend beyond the outside corner of your eye.

A tweezers with a pointed or slanted tip will grip the hairs best.
Always pluck below the brow line, so the hair won’t grow back in a scraggly- looking line, and follow the natural arch of your brow. Pluck the hairs out towards the ears, in the direction in which they grow. Remove stray hairs, but don’t pluck too much at once.
Pluck a few hairs and then stop.

For a truly arch-altering experience, invest in a well-lit magnifying mirror, brow brush with stiff bristles, eyebrow scissors, white eyeliner pencil (a nail white pencil also works) and stainless steel tweezers. Tweezers with a thin, pointed tip are made for plucking miniscule or ingrown hairs; a square tip grasps short, coarse hairs; and a slanted tip offers optimal control. To begin, brush brows upward and trim long, unruly hairs with small eyebrow scissors. Plucking the perfect eyebrow shape can be a stressful task because no one wants painful, over tweezed brows.

Shape is also crucial, and if your eyebrows are coarse, creating and maintaining the ideal shape is difficult because pulling out individual hairs can leave large gaps, or severely shorten the length of a brow if you happen to pull out the half-inch hair on the very end.
Many women pluck their eyebrows with tweezers.

The eyebrow experts say never, never to pluck your eyebrows from above, but always to pluck from the bottom of the brow. I say, if you have some wild or stray or bushy hairs growing above your brows, feel free to pluck them.

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