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Nail Care

Nail Care is important when it comes to personal grooming.

Nail Care
• Take care of your nails between salon visits.
• File your nails regularly and always keep them short.
• If your nails are exposed to chemicals, moisture, water, etc, it could result in split peeling nails or allergic reaction.

Artificial Nails
• Always get artifical nails applied by a good technician.
• Artificial nails would need manicure or refilling every two or three weeks.

Nail Tip Design

• Using glue could damage your nails, even if it is applied on polish layers.
• Keep on experimenting with nail tip design. For Acryllic Nails
• Keep your acrylic nail polished. Before applying any acrylic layer, clean your nails. If the nails have remnants of cuticle oil, old polish or lotion, the new polish would not apply itself properly.
• Allow enough time to the nails to dry.
Our nails are designed to protect the fleshy fingertip and help us manipulate small object.
A complete nail grows in six months. Remove all traces of nail polish with a cotton wool pad soaked in remover.

• Clean your nails with a soft brush.
• Cut your nails to the desired length.
• File your nails to prevent splitting and flaking.
• Apply hand cream and give yourself a thorough massage to remove dry or loose skin cells.

Nails are polished with a buffer. This improves blood circulation and gives nails a shine.Two coats of nail polish and a topcoat later.

The nail is made of a hard protein called keratin. Manicuring is the care of the hands and nails. Find easy nail care tips to get the perfect nails you have always wanted..

If your nails go crumbly and whitish or yellowish and separate slightly from the nail bed then it could be a nail fungus infection. Nail bitting isn’t exactly seductive, try an anti-biting nail paint.

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