Perusahaan CV. ADHI JAYA


Moisturizing – the cornerstone of good skin care,moisturizing forms a barrier between the skin and
Moisturizing is essential for all types of skin including oily skin.

Dry skin and ageing skin derive the maximum benefits from a moisturizer. Rich, liquid and cream moisturizers take care of dry and wrinkled skin.

Water – based, oil free moisturizer works best for oily skin. At night, dry skin requires a heavier moisturized feed for your skin.

An excellent moisturizer protects skin from premature.
Skin moisturizers are an essential part of having a beautiful skin. moisturizing skin often give the skin a soft sheen. There are many benefits such as skin moisturizers to help. Most moisturizers and SPF are or repair sun damage on the skin.

Skin moisturizers are serious disadvantages depending on skin type. If a person has oily skin, use a moisturizer of the skin can not be a good idea.

Skin moisturizers can clog pores and can cause a lot of acne and pimples on the skin. People do not need to cover the entire face with skin moisturizers.

Some skin types need moisturizing fats. Even moisturizers can damage or irritate the skin greasy. So, always make sure that the product can work with oily skin, if you have oily skin.

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