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Manicured Nails

Manicured nails indicate a person’s health and wealth. To learn about the importance of having manicured nails and how to do manicure on nails, go through the following article. Read on nail care and how to manicure fingernails.

Benefits of Manicured Nails:

There are a number of health and beauty benefits of manicure nails. When you have either long or short manicured nails, your nails appear clean and healthy. With regular salon or homemade manicure, your nails do not develop dermatological problems such as pale nails, ingrown nails and hard or brittle nails. Well manicured nails grow nicely because of good flow of blood. Manicured nails make your hands look shiny and healthy. How to Do Manicure
For performing manicure, you will need nail cutter, cotton pads, orange wood stick, metal nail filer, soft nail brush and warm water in a bowl. Cut your overgrown nails with the nail cutter. File your nails in shape with the help of the metal nail filer. Your nail can be either in a round or rectangular shape with the white nail being ¼ inch beyond the finger tip. When you have brought your nails in the desired shape, you may proceed with the next steps of getting perfectly manicured nails.

The cuticles around your nails will get softened with warm water. Brush your nails and the skin around it with the nail brush. Also, push back the cuticles along the sides of your nails. Try to buff the nails in one direction. If you wish, you may apply a clear nail polish on your nails. It will give your nails a pleasant shine. In some beauty salons, after the application of transparent nail polish, a white colored pain is applied on the tip of the nails. Such a manicure is called french manicure. Keeping your well-manicured nails in perfect condition can be a bit difficult. To make sure that your nail polish doesn’t chip off easily, apply clear nail polish on the nails that you have painted on. Manicured nails is also often referred to as nail art. Beautiful manicured nails for a woman are determinants of beauty and femininity. Don’t you know that the culture of manicured nails sprung during the Greek times. Nail art is often stunningly elaborate—nails can be sculpted, stenciled, pierced, and of course painted with intricate designs.

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