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Manicure Tools

We all know the wonders a manicure can do for your hands and nails. Find here, everything about manicure tools and uses of these tools to get yourself gorgeous looking hands.

How to Use Manicure Tools

Use the following tools in the order mentioned here, to get beautiful looking hands and nails. If you have any nail polish on your nails before you begin your manicure, then remove it with the help of a cotton swab soaked in a nail polish remover.

• Nail Clipper: Use these to clip your nails to the desired length. Clip your nails to keep them clean and healthy.
• Nail Brush: A nail brush is used to keep the fingernails clean on a daily basis. Any dirt collected under or around the nails can be cleaned by a nail brush.
• Nail File: After you cut your nails, use a nail file to shape them well. Hold the nail file in one hand, and place it on the edge of the nail on the other hand. Keep the nail file at a slight slant while using it, so that the inner edge of the nail has maximum contact with the nail file.

Orange Wood Stick: Use this orange colored stick to clean your nails from within, and to push back your cuticles. The manicure tools used to push back cuticles may also be made of metal.

Cuticle Clipper: Use this tool only if your cuticle is tearing, or if it is sticking out. After using the cuticle clipper, use some cuticle oil to moisturize the cuticles.
• Nail Buffer: Use a nail buffer to add gloss to your nails. It makes the nails appear like a fresh coat of nail gloss has been applied. Use the nail buffer by rubbing your nails with the roughest side of the buffer. Using the medium grit nail buffer will help in shaping your nails, and the finest grit will give your nails a clear sheen or gloss.

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How to Clean Manicure Tools

Manicure tools should be cleaned and sterilized immediately after you use them, so as to avoid the chances of an infection. For the metallic manicure tools, follow these sterilizing methods.
Fingernail clippers are used to cut nails that are too long to be filed down. Nails can be cut quickly, easily, and safely with this tool. Move on to the next nail needing trimming.

Next up on the list of tools is a nail file or emery board. Third up on our tool list is an orangewood stick or cuticle pusher. You don’t want to irritate your delicate nail skin.
Do not cut your cuticle often. Always clean your cuticle clipper with warm water and soap.

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