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Manicure Tips

Manicure is a cosmetic treatment for hands and nails. Manicure is further extended and there are different types of manicures. The reason of manicures is to improve the look of the hands and nails. Manicure helps in deformation of nails and other damages like fragile tips, cuts, and nail splits. The wrinkles on skin also vanish by manicure.
Some of the common supplies used during manicure are cotton swabs, soap, cuticle remover, cream and oil, lotion for massage, nail cleaners, polishes, polish remover, sanitizing sprays and hand towels.
Manicure consists of the following simple steps: removal of nail polish, filing of nails, cleansing of hands with liquid soap, cleansing of cuticles, application of cream, pushing of cuticle with orange stick, massage of hands and finally application of nail polish for a natural look.

*Home manicure
*Home pedicures

What you will need for home manicure:
A bowl for soaking hands, nail clippers, emery board, cotton wool, An orange stick, polish remover, hand cream, nail varnish.

If you wish to cut the nails, use a nail clipper. Then shape your nails into an oval shape, using the emery board. Avoid very hot water to soak your hands, as this can dry out the skin and nails.

• Avoid hard nail brushes.

Nail manicure is the best means to take care of long nails. For growing the unattractive nails; proper care and manicure are necessary. The strength and durability of the nails can be ensured if the gel nails are applied over the natural nails. The women who are concerned about the growth and appearance of their nails, they should seek the nail manicure along with gel nails.

The nail manicure is the best way with which you can ensure care for your nails. It is done to remove the acrylic nails and nail polish remains from the nails.

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