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Manicure for Natural Nails

Having long nails and maintaining them with proper manicure, is something we need to spare time for. Healthy-looking natural long nails surely compliment our gorgeous looks. Most people love to have long nails. When they try those artificial nails and later remove them, they realize their natural nail tips are worse than before. Go through these tips for natural long nails.

Five Tips for Natural Long Nails

  • *wear gloves whenever your nails come in contact with chemicals.
  • * Clean and moisturize you nails regularly. Do not bite your nail tips.

Tools for manicure:
• Bowl with warm water for soaking nails
• Nail filer
• Nail buffer
• Cuticle cream
• Nail-polish remover
• Nail polish

• Soak the cotton ball in nail polish remover and rub it on your nail to remove traces of nail polish.
• Soak your nails in warm water for about 5 minutes.
• Make all the nail tips of same length using the nail clippers.
• Use the nail filer if they need just little trimming. Use the nail buffer to make the nail surface even. Then use the smoothest side for polishing the nail.
• Apply cuticle oil on your nails and massage it.
• Let the nails dry.
• Apply the top coat to seal the nail polish color and add a shine to it.
• Are your nails completely dry? The frequency of doing manicure for natural nails, depends on how fast your nails grow and the amount of abuse they undergo.

Regular nail manicure followed by proper care is all that you need for natural long nails.

Excessive hand washing or using household cleaning solutions without protection can rob our skin and nails of vital oil and moisture, resulting in split, peeling nails.
Water is a chemical, so are all nail related products.
It is the technicians responsibility to help the client maintain beautiful, healthy nails.
Nails that split and peel lack sufficient oil and moisture.
The nail technician is trained to recognize nail diseases and disorders, but not to treat them in the salon.
Even with a salon on every corner, there are a great many who have never frequented nail salons for professional nail care.

  • Cotton or Gauze Pads: For removing enamel and/or excess oil from the nail plate surface.
  • Polish Remover: For removing nail enamel or polish from the nail plate surface.
    Nail or Toenail Nippers/Clippers/Scissors: Nail nippers are simply a larger size cuticle nipper which have been designed to remove excess nail length, and are usually used to cut the toenails.
    Cuticle Pusher: A metal implement used to push the invisible, translucent true cuticle from the nail plate.
    Curette: An instrument designed to ‘scrape’ excess cuticle from the nail plate. A hot oil manicure is always recommended for persons with extremely dry skin and nails.

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