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Makeup Tips For Winter

The kiss of summer bestows nature’s shining secret to your face as long as you do not let it dry your skin and cause those tiny summer wrinkles to appear. Particularly, if you are above 25 you should regularly use a moisturizing cream at bedtime. Apply this cream daily in the night if you want to cherish the youthful loveliness of a flawless complexion.

Bathe your face four to five times daily with clear water and a good soap suited to your complexion. Rinse off every trace of soap with plenty of hot, then cold water. Pat dry.

Remember to cleanse the skin thoroughly with milk cream blended into a thin paste with gram flour. Certain areas of the body (where perspiration is excessive) should be dusted liberally with boric powder mixed with an equal quantity of a good-scented talcum powder.

Refrain from wearing nylon or woollen socks. For top-to-toe freshness pay proper attention to your hair. When ironing your clothes, place a pad of cotton soaked- in either Cologne rose water or your favourite perfume by your side and run the pad on your clothes before ironing. Avoid wearing too many accessories.

Use a lipstick of pastel shade and use rouge sparingly. Finish your makeup with a light puff of powder.

For winter makeup color, think rich! The darker your skin, the darker your blush should be.

For eyes, use shadow colors like golden or chocolate brown, purple, berry, and mauve. Black eyeliner can be the finishing touch with any eye color/shadow combination. If you want to be adventurous, dabble in deep colored liners like navy, plum, hunter green, or brown. Navy makes blue eyes pop, plum makes green eyes stand out, and hazel and brown eyes look good in just about any color. Just make sure to go light on the eye makeup if you’re wearing a red lipstick or gloss (a thin line of brown liner accompanied by light brown shadow and a coat of black mascara works well on everyone).

Even the palest girl or the girl with the reddest hair can have red lips—they just may have to work a little longer to find the perfect shade/depth. Fair skin should wear sheer reds, but darker complexions can go bolder.

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