Perusahaan CV. ADHI JAYA

Makeup for Different

One of the top favorite activities in every party is face painting. First off, the face painting make up used for this is labeled face paint. Never use acrylic or oil based paints on the face. You can also purchase an individual face painting package if you plan on taking face painting seriously. You can see in this package various face painting materials such as face paint, different brushes, sponges, and water containers. Face painting groups who have more than one artists doing the face painting at the same time usually buy these packages.

Face painting makeup has different types. The most popular is face paint, which is the most widespread. Face paint comes in different colors. You can also find face painting markers in the market. To achieve this, you must understand basic face shapes.

Diamond Shape
A lighter shade of foundation can applied on the chin and the forehead to create an illusion of the width to the face.
Heart Shape
A heart shaped face has a wide for head and narrow chin. Lipstick should be applied on the natural lip line. Apply rouge on the upper cheek base.

Round Shape
Add length to the face to achieve an oval Shape.

Square Face
A straight forehead and square jaw make a very strong face shape. A darker shade of foundation applied on the temples, jawline and sides of the face will tone down the wide corners of the face. Round shape eyebrows provide a soft touch to the face.

Long Shape
Slightly thick eyebrows with a natural arch are needed to reduce the face length.

Pear Shape
Narrow forehead, wide jawline and chin are the main characteristic of the pear shaped face. An illusion about the length of the face and adding width to the forehead are required for a pear shaped face.

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