Perusahaan CV. ADHI JAYA

Home Pedicure

Give tired feet special treatment with a home pedicure. A pedicure is just the treatment working feet deserve. Bath beads also add moisturizer to water and provide another alternative to commercial foot soaks. Soak feet twenty minutes to soften calluses and corns. Discard water.

Feet are submerged in a sea salt bath to further loosen dead skin cells. Pat feet dry with a towel.

Using a skin file, remove dead skin cells. For deep moisturizing, apply a cream formula to feet. Pedicure Treatment, like:foot creams are made especially for after-soaking application.

Clean under nail tips and clip. Base coat polish is generally used to fortify and protect the nail itself. Application of polish should be the last step in the home pedicure. Once your feet have been soaked, exfoliated, moisturized, and the nails prepared, begin with a fortifier base coat of polish. Cover nails with a thin coat. Dry for the time recommended on the nail polish label. A nail dryer may be used. The following are the basic steps to get beautiful feet with the best home pedicure treatment.

* The first step of getting pedicure is to remove any residues of nail polish from your toenails. So, soak the cotton balls with the nail polish remover to remove the old polish.
* Fill up a basin or foot bath with warm water. Bath beads and bath oils can also be added to get that moisturizing and softening effects of commercial foot soaks.
* Soak your feet in warm water for about 15 to 20 minutes. Apply a good quality foot lotion thoroughly.
* Apply cuticle creams to soften the cuticles.
* Trim the nails with the help of toenail clippers and the file.
* Now moisturize your feet with a feet cream or lotion. Remove the excess oil with a towel before applying nail polish.
* Seal the new beautiful look of your nails with the nail polish of your favorite color. First, apply a thin base coat and let it dry completely, before applying the nail polish.

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