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Hair Straightening

Here are some natural hair straightening tips for shiny, sleek hair.

Natural hair straightening indeed requires more perseverance and time than artificial methods do, While your hair is still wet detangle your strands with a comb,
Repeat this ritual for 3 weeks, each time you wash your hair, to notice that the texture of your hair gradually g Hot oil treatments are generally regarded ‘green’ hair care remedies. Plain milk is also very useful when it comes of hair straightening.

Before applying it wash, then dry your hair thoroughly. Just like people go into great lengths to get their hair permed due to various reasons, similarly people with naturally curly hair go into great lengths to get their hair straightened.

Amazingly on some faces, straight hair appear lifeless and on some faces, curly hair looks ugly and untidy, The practice of hair straightening involves two major steps.Due to the chemical involvement, the hair may get damaged.

Points to remember before hair straightening:

1. Texture of the hair.
2. Length of the hair.

Procedure of hair straightening:

1. Shampoo the hair; conditioner can be used if the hair is chemically treated or damaged.
2. Heavier the hair, smaller should be the section.
3. After rinsing, comb the hair straight and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
4. Put the neutralizer on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes.
5. Always go for a cut after straightening to make the hair even. Always cut the hair at 0° angle to avoid layers. Post care for hair straightening.

Here are some tips on hair straightening:

Use good detangling products and wide -toothed comb for the hair after a straightening treatment.

# Blow-drying Hair Straight – Always use a protective product when styling your hair straight. If blow-drying hair straight regularly, use a treatment, weekly, to prevent your hair from drying out and frazzled ends.
# Having your hair colored and using a straightener could result in damage to your hair.
# With the most hair straightening products on the market today you can’t permanently relax or straighten your hair if.

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