Perusahaan CV. ADHI JAYA

French Pedicure

This kind of pedicure is marked by nails that are polished with two colors. This first color is applied over the entire nail. The key feature of a French manicure or pedicure is the application of the white nail polish, which is painted in a thin line to the very top of the nail. Other women maintain a French pedicure all year long.

A French pedicure, as compared to a pedicure done with a vibrant color of nail polish, looks more natural and leaves the feet looking neat and well-cared for. It is not impossible to give oneself a French pedicure at home. Most spas include skin buffing, callus removal, and a foot massage in their pedicure treatments. Better yet, a French pedicure. Prices for a French pedicure at a salon or nail specialist cost between $20 and $30. Picking The Nail Polish

Different from home pedicure, for a french pedicure you need two colors. Do not pick a base that is really thick because you are applying 2 1 layers of nail polish and if you have 2 layers of thick nail polish, it is hard for it to dry.
Also, to relieve your toes and feet of dry skin, exfoliate your feet then apply a nice soft lotion (Jergens will do) or other Pedicure Treatments. Trimming and Filing Nails

To apply a French pedicure, wait until your nails have grown out a bit. Applying The French Pedicure Polish

And finally we have come to the last few steps to the perfect French pedicure-applying the polish itself.

*White Tip-applying the white tips to your French pedicure is the most frustrating step to the pedicure.
* Final Base Coat-This is the last step to the perfect French pedicure.

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