Perusahaan CV. ADHI JAYA

Foundation Makeup Tips

Choosing the right foundation is the first step to a successful makeup result. Perfect matching foundation can only be assessed by correct estimation of skin type, natural color and skin tone. Blend the cream foundation smoothly using a cosmetic sponge in long sweeping motions.

  • • You can use powder foundation just like the normal compact powder.
    From setting the Base to selecting the Perfect Foundation everything you wanted to know about foundation. Foundation, also called a makeup base. Foundation is used to enhance the color of the complexion. Now apply moisturizer appropriate to your skin type on the face.
    • Select a foundation that is appropriate to your skin type. The color should match your skin, disappearing when blended well.
    • Shake the foundation bottle well to mix the formula.
    • Set the foundation with loose powder immediately after application.

* Show them off by using a sheer foundation. Don’t want to go all out with a foundation? If blending is a problem, apply the foundation while your moisturizer is still a bit wet.
* When testing foundation. The make you buy should blend to the skin color of the neck, not the face.
* Test foundation on the inside of the forearm-skin tone is closest to neck color there, because it’s protected from UV damage.
Your foundation will even them out

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