Perusahaan CV. ADHI JAYA

Eyebrow Waxing

Waxing is a quick and relatively easy alternative to plucking your eyebrows.
*First the lower section of eyebrow, then the upper area and finally the centre of the eyebrow’s hair are removed.
*Never wax above the eyebrow, only ever shape from below. 6. Clean eyebrow area with cotton pad soaked in an antiseptic lotion after the eyebrows are shaped.
*To give the gorgeous new eyebrow shape emphasis, use an eyebrow pencil
Eyebrow waxing is done with the help of waxing strips, which are generally made of soft plastic and have adhesive (wax) on one side.

The hair removal technique is not just for the eyebrows: threading can be used to remove other facial and body hair as well.
Eyebrow threading involves twisting a piece of thread, usually cotton, into a double strand. Eyebrow threading is the technique preferred by Indian movie stars, who are often distinguished by their crisp brow lines.

Eyebrow threading can be used to eliminate a unibrow, raise the arch of the eyebrow, or add shape and definition to the brow. Eyebrow threading is a preferred hair removal technique for a number of reasons.

Unlike tweezing or plucking, eyebrow threading removes one clean line of hair all at once, making it much quicker and easier to shape the brows. Eyebrow threading also will not harm the skin like wax and some depilatory creams can. Some aestheticians also find it easier to shape eyebrows using this technique than other methods available.

Inexperience can result in uneven brows, hair breakage, ingrown hairs, or unnecessary pain.

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