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Excecutive Summary about cosmetics by Therese Higgins

It’s unbelievable! As the population ages, anti aging products have become the new battle ground for consumer dollars. But cosmetic companies are beginning to lose ground as consumers become more educated about what they’re putting on their skin. These companies live in fear of consumers, like you, turning to products like a natural age spot lightener, because you’ve found out what they don’t want you to know.

You see, these companies have made millions of dollars over the years using an ingenious business model: make skin care products with the cheapest ingredients and spend lot of money on glamorous TV and magazine advertising.

Fortunately, with age comes wisdom…along with age spots, lines and wrinkles. I purchased every anti aging product that my favorite movie star encouraged me to buy. Unfortunately, my skin didn’t change. I began to get suspicious after seeing the same list of synthetic chemical ingredients on every label of every product that I bought.

I did some research and learned that these synthetic chemicals have nothing to do with healing aging skin. True healing can only take place at the cellular level and these synthetic substances can’t penetrate that deeply. Doesn’t your grandmother swear by her jar of Porcelana?

Well, these products do work. But there are two problems associated with using these types of age spot lighteners. First, they contain the same list of synthetic chemicals, like mineral oil, dioxane, alcohols and fragrance. Second, and more important, the skin lightening ingredient in these products, hydroquinone, has recently been called into question by scientific experts.

Some studies of this substance have linked hydroquinone to an increased risk of cancer. With the growing market of natural skin care products, its easy to find a natural age spot lightener that’s safe, as well as, effective.

I have, personally, had great results with a natural age spot lightener developed from a plant called extrapone nutgrass root. In clinical studies, nutgrass root was able to reduce the formation and clumping of the skin pigment, melanin, by more than 41%…without side effects.

As result of my research, I now use nothing but products made from natural extracts, with no synthetic chemicals. I have learned that my skin has healed because natural extracts are able to penetrate deeply through my skin and into my cells, where they nourish and support healthy cell function.

It isn’t hard and I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised how products like a natural age spot lightener can significantly heal and improve your appearance.

Find Out Why All Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics Are the Rage!

Excutive Summary about Cosmetics by Phillys Ekleberry

Have you have heard the battle cry of all those who are campaigning for safer products which include all natural skin care products and cosmetics? By using all natural skin care products and cosmetics, you will never again worry about using products that incorporate hazardous and potentially carcinogenic ingredients.

Read further if you have doubts that the skin care products you use are safe.

Check to see if all the ingredients are on the safe list developed by the Safer Cosmetic Organization.

Safer Cosmetic Organization

After looking in Safer Cosmetics’ database you find that your skin care product is not listed; you will have to enter the listed ingredients on that products label to find out if they have added toxic chemicals to their formula.

All Natural Skin Care Products and Cosmetics

Are you ready to make the switch to all natural cosmetics and skin care? These products are made with ingredients from nature. Most natural skin care products contain only phyto-collagen products. These phyto-collagen products are derived from plants and are the best products to use to combat acne, aging skin, skin allergies and rashes.

All Natural Skin Care & Cosmetics for Problem Skin

Try using all natural cosmetics and skin care and see if you can tell the difference. I have found some products that actually improve the skin after just one application.

All Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics

There are many companies that offer natural cosmetics and skin care. Remember that plant based products are better and your skin absorbs them more readily.

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