Perusahaan CV. ADHI JAYA


What makes a beautiful face? Beauty – is it really skin deep? According to many researchers, physical beauty is always enhanced by a measure of inner beauty. While outer beauty and appearance is made up of factors like health, youth, symmetry, averageness, skin, complexion, etc. defining what is inner beauty depends on characteristics like politeness, intelligence, charisma, elegance, personality, etc. The comparisons caused due to standard of beauty have often led to resentment amongst people. people especially women would really want a beautiful skin.

  • 1. Consuming foods rich in selenium. No wonder many experts who say that selenium can prevent skin cancer.
    2. Consuming foods rich in anti-oxidant substances. Body needs antioxidants to help slow the aging of the skin. It also can help ward off skin of free radicals.
    3. Consumed intake of foods containing vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin A can help provide hydration to the skin, especially in the lower layers of skin.
    4. Then the essential fatty acids, intake of foods rich in essential amino seldom we see of them is canola oil, cold water fish, walnuts, etc.. Well omega-3 and omega-6 is also rich in its contents will be essential fatty acids which are useful to help the skin produce the skin’s natural protective layer. Where is the skin’s natural protective layer is very important to prevent skin blackened, makes skin stay young, or rubbery, and helps keep skin moist in normal conditions.
    Types of antioxidants contained in green tea note-benenya can help reduce DNA damage and inflammation of the skin.

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