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Applying Makeup

Makeup should be applied in the following sequence:

a.Foundation, preceeded if required by under eye concealers.
e.Eye Makeup.
f.Lip Makeup.

*Use Of Under-Eye Concealers,

1.Application Technique:

a.Rectangular And A Square Face: Both these shapes are redefined at the four corners with dark foundation.
b.Triangular Face: The triangular face needs dark foundation at the temples and to shorten the chin while the lower face needs enlargement using light makeup.
c.An Oval Face:The oval face needs shortening at the forehead and chin with dark foundation.
d.Round Face: The round face is made to appear oval by using dark makeup at the temples and around the lower face.

2.Correcting The Chin And The Nose:

a.A Prominent Chin:This can be corrected by applying dark foundation on the tip of the chin.
c.A Long Nose: A long nose appears short by applying dark makeup on the tip.
d.A Broad Nose: For a broad nose apply dark foundation along each side of the nose.
e.Short Nose: To emphasize a short nose apply pale makeup along the top of the nose along its whole length.
f.Narrow Nose: For a narrow nose apply a bright foundation on each side.

How To Apply Blusher?

Almond shaped eyes are considered to be the ideal.So when making up eyes, one tries with the help of light and dark eye makeup to make the necessary changes to give the eyes an almond appearance.

Application Technique:

ii.If the eyes need extra definition, a deeper shade is blended into the crease line.This gives depth to the eyes.
How To Apply Mascara?

To Remove Mascara:

You can improve your eye shape by experimenting with colour and texture.Identify the shape of your eyes and follow the tips given.

1.Outlining With Lip Liner:

Before outlining the lips check that your lips are smooth and grease free.Use a sharp lip liner pencil in a shade close to that of your lipstick colour and with a steady hand, lightly outline the lips.For the upper lip, start at the centre and work out, towards the corner of the mouth.For the lower lip, work from side to side.

2.Priming The Lips With A Lip Balancer:

Fill in the lips with a special base or balancer to even out the skin tones.If your lips are of an even colour, use a face powder as a base.

*Final Lip Gloss Application,
Shaping Up Your Lips:

1.Small Mouth With Small Lips
2.Large Mouth With Full Lips
3.Full Upper Lip:

Aply fluid foundation makeup to the upper lip.Outline just inside its natural contour and apply a dark shade of lipstick.Then outline the lower lip just outside its natural contour and emphasize by filling in with a lighter shade of lipstick.

4.Full Lower Lip:

Outline upper lip just outside its natural contour.Apply a light shade of lipstick and in the center add a touch of lip gloss.Apply fluid foundation makeup to the lower lip. Outline just inside its natural contour.Then fill in with a darker shade of lipstick, using a lip brush.
Cover the corners of the mouth with foundation makeup or a cover stick.Apply lipstick with a lip brush, stopping a few millimeters before the corners of the mouth are reached.

*Sequence of makeup:

1. Cleansing. Apply cleansing cream or milk dots on the forehead, cheeks, eyes, nose, chin and neck.
2. Eye shaping. Once the face is cleansed check the eyebrow arch.
3. Freshen the skin. If the face is very dry, moisturizer should be applied with a cotton pad.
4. Application of foundation. Foundation is selected according to skin’s color and texture.
5. Powder application. Apply translucent powder after foundation evenly on the face.
6. Application of cheek color and blushers. Cheek color is applied on the smiles. Blusher or rouge color should be in harmony with lipstick color. It would be better if cheek colors are lighter than the color of the lipstick to enhance facial features.

• Use pale and light cheek colors during day time.
• Younger people may apply cheek color to highlight the angular contour of the face.
• For mature women, upper cheeks towards the temples can be developed with cheek colors to give prominence to the eyes.

7. Application of eye shadow. Tips on applying eye shadow.
8. Apply brow pencil. Brush eyebrows according to the face structure. Tips on applying eyeliner.
9. Mascara application. Basic rules of applying mascara.
10. Application of lipsticks. Applying lipstick gives a finishing touch to a look by defining the mouth and adding color to the face. A good rule when it comes to applying makeup is to emphasize lips or eyes, but never both.

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