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Hair Rinse

A hair rinse is part of the hair care process. Hair rinses help to condition the hair and bring the acid- alkali balance back to the scalp.

Natural rinses promote hair growth, improve the blood circulation to the scalp and repairs damaged hair.
Rosemary Hair Rinse Recipe
Take two cups of distilled water and add four tablespoons of rosemary.

After shampooing your hair, pour this rinse over your hair. Lemon Hair Rinse Recipe
This hair rinse is ideal for people with blond hair. Pour over the scalp and hair after shampooing. Finally rinse with cold water.

Finally rinse the hair with cold water.
Sea Kelp Hair Rinse Recipe
To prepare this hair rinse recipe, make a lemon hair rinse which will act as the base. To the lemon hair rinse, add a quarter cup of sea kelp and mix well. Shampoo hair and pour the rinse. Finally rinse the hair with cold water.
Natural hair rinses also repair damaged hair by strengthening it and giving it a more fresh appearance.

Sage rinses, sage helps reduce the buildup of oil on the scalp and promotes healthier hair. Chamomile Rinse; This rinse sooths and heals the scalp and gives hair a silky sheen. Linden Flower Rinse; This rinse is helpful for over stressed and dried out hair. Rinse hair with beer to add shine and body.

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