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Merle Norman Cosmetics

Merle Norman Cosmetics Are Classic

Executive Summary about Merle Norman Cosmetics by Hwang Keum-ok

Of the many cosmetic companies doing business today, Merle Norman cosmetics is one of the best. This company was started by a woman to meet the needs of women. If you compare the many companies selling cosmetics today, you will see that the quality of product and the prices vary wildly. Some products costing hundreds of dollars are no better than some in the twenty dollar range.

Merle Norman cosmetics have thousands of loyal fans. Many have used these products all their adult lives and don’t intend to change product lines any time soon. There is a long history behind this company. In it’s long history Merle Norman cosmetics has sold thousands of franchises to help people sell these cosmetics and have their own businesses. The cosmetic line has grown over the years as new needs appeared in the customer network. The basic skin care line added cosmetics, sun blockers, ant-aging creams, wigs, gifts and more.

Merle Norman cosmetics was founded on the premise that you make good products at reasonable prices and let the customers try out the product before buying it. The many loyal Merle Norman customers will tell you that this is a great line.

Merle Norman Cosmetics have been made in this country since the 1920s.  By the late 1940’s Merle Norman Cosmetics had grown to nationwide prominence by making business opportunities to other women in their own hometowns.  Today with over 2,000 Merle Norman Studios, each customer is still attended to by a local, highly trained and motivated studio owner!

Merle Norman Cosmetics

Merle Norman, Merle Norman Cosmetics Online

When a new customer walks into a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio they are given the opportunity to try a personalized skin care program.  The “Try Before You Buy” is still the mainstay of their marketing program.  This season Merle Norman Cosmetics is featuring the looks of Delicate Pink and Berry Enchanting.  Both start with a Foundation Primer followed by a Flawless Effect Liquid Foundation.  The liquid foundation comes with SPF 15 so everyone applying the foundation comes away with a built-in protection from the sun’s harsh rays.  Once the foundation is in place the eye pencils,  eye shadows,  cheek and lip colors are applied to garner either the pink or berry look.  For complete and detailed instructions you should “Try Before You Buy” with your local Merle Norman Cosmetics Consultant.

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