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Makeup Primer

What is Makeup Primer?

Executive Summary about Makeup Primer by Wisegeek

For example, makeup primer, which is designed for smoothing fine lines. Once considered superfluous, primer is now being embraced by many women as an essential part of their cosmetic routine.

By smoothing fine lines on parts of the face that are susceptible, such as around the mouth, a makeup primer prepares the “canvas” of the face for cosmetics. A makeup primer most likely contains waxes, polymers, and silicones. Makeup primer used around the eye area can stop eyeshadow from creasing. When applying foundation, it often takes less foundation to achieve the same effect if the woman has first applied makeup primer.

Women with facial scars may also find makeup primer very useful. Especially for scars that are sunken, the primer can temporarily fill in and level the skin. In addition to helping the surface of the skin to appear temporarily level, tinted makeup primers can help cover subtle age spots or discolorations on the face. Other people prefer to bypass foundation and only apply tinted makeup primer.

Best Makeup Primer, Makeup Primer Reviews

Makeup primer is used to prepare the face for cosmetics application by smoothing the areas of the face that are susceptible to fine lines like those surrounding the mouth. With a primer applied, foundation can go on evenly and a lot smoother so can eye shadow, blush and other cosmetic products. The best makeup primer mostly contains polymers, silicone and waxes. The use of primer on the eye area can stop the creasing of the eye shadow. Facial scars can be hidden with the use of these primers. Primers do fill the sunken scars to make them level with the skin which makes a smooth effect. The wearing of makeup usually draws attention to the facial scar but with the use of primers, hiding the scars is very easy.

There are different tints available for primers. Carefully choose the tint that matches with the skin complexion. A good idea is to use transparent makeup primer. For oily skin choose a special primer. Primers do not only help the skin surface to appear like it is level, it also helps in covering skin discolorations and age spots. If foundation is to be used on top of a primer, it is better to use a clear primer. Makeup primers are must haves in the makeup lover’s makeup kit. This is commonly used by makeup artists to create smooth, glowing and beautiful skin. It can erase skin flaws, makes the makeup last longer and fixes skin discoloration. Makeup primers are capable of blending with all types of skin flaws from fine lines to scars and even large pores. This will create a perfectly smooth base for further makeup application. Primers help in maintaining the color and texture of makeup while keeping it looking fresher and lasting longer.

Makeup primers that are matched with eye shadow, blush, and foundation will look awesome. The use of the tinted type of primer is a good way of hiding visible skin discoloration. People who should not use makeup primers are those who have conditions like allergies, contact dermatitis, or milia. Anyone can wear makeup primers, as they are safe to use for all ages. You can find the best makeup primer for oily skin and for dry skin. First off, low quality makeup applies horribly. Sophisticated looks are unattainable when the makeup doesn’t lay on right. Cheap petroleum makeup not only clogs your pores, it enlarges them.

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