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Oriflame Cosmetics

Oriflame Cosmetics: How Using These Simple 5 Steps Will Increase Your Business

Executive Summary about Oriflame Cosmetics by Olive Bush

Oriflame consultants become eligible for discounts, free products and special offers as soon as they start their business. Oriflame Cosmetics show their consultants how to increase business by using something they call ‘The Power of 5’ strategy.

Breaking training down into small chunks of 5 steps, they suggest you regularly:

  • 1 Get involved in training your new recruit
    2 Keep communication flowing with your recruit
    3 Be available to support your recruit
    4 Make sure you encourage your recruit
    5 Help your recruit to plan and achieve personal goals

By adopting these sets of steps to increase your business, Oriflame believe that:

  • 1 Habits will change from merely ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’
    2 Your confidence will increase
    3 New confidence will attract others into your team
    4 Your business will grow
    5 You will achieve your goals and your life will change

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Avon and Oriflame – Is Time Running Out For Traditional Cosmetics?

Avon and Oriflame might be the first names that come to mind when people think of starting a cosmetics home business. Quietly building a multi- national company, the newcomer is blazing its own trail and brand. Join me as I review Avon and Oriflame – is time running out for traditional cosmetics?

Avon has definitely withstood the test of time. Currently fielding 3.3 million consultants and trading in over 62 countries, Oriflame is also a billionaire company. Based entirely on natural products, it has a huge appeal in the environmental ranks.

Acting on research by its own scientists, Russian company Faberlic are reaching the part traditional cosmetics cannot reach – time delay. Using its unique component, oxygen is used to replenish vital skin cell forces in cream, and supplies skin cells with oxygen for 8 hours. Although not the only oxygen cosmetic company, they are the only one currently offering a home business opportunity.

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