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How to Shop Smart at the Beauty Counter

Executive Summary about Makeup Shop by Sabah Karimi

When you’re looking for a new makeup brand or just want to try a few new products at the beauty counter, you’ll probably be approached by a beauty expert (a.k.a. sales person) who can guide you through the maze of products.

Here are some simple tips for shopping smart at the beauty counter:

  • No matter what the beauty expert is going to tell you, know

your limit for spending on makeup and beauty products. It’s the beauty expert’s job to convince you to purchase a full-sized product, but they’re usually well-stocked with miniature versions and samples of the product if you’re not ready to make the leap.

  • Many beauty counters offer freebies and special beauty ‘events’ where you can get a free tote filled with samples and new products with a purchase. These offers can help you try out some new products from your favorite line without having to buy the full-sized product.

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Best Makeup Trends For Fall 2008

Fall 2008 Makeup Trend: Green Eyeliner

Jewel tones are still a top trend for Fall 2008, and accenting brown or hazel eyes with green eyeliner gives you a fresh, eye-catching look. Green eyeliner works well with brown or black mascara and offers maximum impact with a neutral eyeshadow.

Fall 2008 Makeup Trend: Super-Glossy Lips

Since it’s the season for dark lip colors and rich lip stains, go super-glossy with your look with a shiny gel-based lip gloss on top. It’s the season to create a patent leather-inspired look, so you can aim for maximum shine over a matte look whenever possible. Top lip shades for the season include burgundy, wine and deep bronze.

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