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Makeup Brush Set

Choosing a Professional Makeup Brush

Executive Summary about Makeup Brush Set by K Walsh

Professional makeup brushes are designed to be used by makeup artists, however the quality and durability of these brushes makes them a good choice for everyone.

  • There are 3 general categories of fibers used for makeup brush bristles; natural, synthetic or a mix of the two.
  • Natural fiber brushes are more durable than synthetic brushes and are good at applying dry products such as blush, bronzer, powder and mineral foundations.

Professional brushes made of natural fibers may have squirrel, pony, goat or sable hair.

  • A complete set of professional brushes may include upwards of 32 brushes, since there are makeup brushes designed for every aspect of makeup application.
  • Purchasing makeup brush sets is typically a more economical way to purchase multiple brushes.

Makeup Brushes, Cosmetic Brush Set

Makeup Brush Sets – 10 Must Haves For Your Professional Brush Collection

When looking to build a collection of professional makeup brushes, people often wonder which brushes are the best choices for their collection.

  • Powder Brush: You will want to look for one that is fairly flat and has rounded edges.

  • Blush Brush: The size of this one is critical.

  • Contour Brush: Some people prefer one that has a flat edge. For contouring the nose and cheeks, a smaller version of the blush brush is typically a much more versatile choice for contouring.

  • Highlight Brush: If you intend to use this primarily under the eyes to apply highlighter powder, a good choice would be one that is dense and has rounded tips.

  • Eyeshadow Brush: In order to achieve a variety of looks and to get the best eyeshadow application, there are two primary brushes that you’ll need in this category.

  • Detail Eyeshadow Brush: The second eyeshadow brush that you’ll need is one for detailing.

  • Eyeliner Brush: Look for a tapered, fine tip that will allow you to apply cake and gel eyeliner with a thin and precise line.
  • Fantail Brush: This brush is used to remove makeup.

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