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Smashbox Cosmetics

Smashbox Cosmetics

Executive Summary about Smashbox Cosmetics by Liz Dean

In 1996, two brothers, Dean and Davis Factor, the great grandsons of legendary makeup icon Max Factor, created Smashbox Cosmetics. As a result of the constant requests for such a line of makeup, Dean and Davis came together to create Smashbox cosmetics.

They combined their skills and took the creative makeup factor that was already in their blood and brought the world a one of a kind makeup line. The Factor brothers wanted to design makeup that was top of the line for makeup artists to use on models and celebrities, but they also wanted to create something that everyday people could use.

The smashbox cosmetics line is not only designed for high fashion or celebrities, but also to the everyday person. Today, smashbox cosmetics carry all the basic makeup products of any rivaling makeup line. Smashbox also carries fashion industry worthy eye liners, mascaras, primers, blushes, lip treatments and much more.

Smashbox, Smashbox Makeup

Tokidoki Collection

Smashbox cosmetics offer a variety of makeup for every style, personality, and occasion. Spring and summer collections are usually vibrant, colorful palettes that will pop when they are applied to the face. Fall and winter colors are more dramatic and daring. The masterminds behind the world famous makeup line draw on many different inspirations when creating their seasonal and worldly collections.

The Japanese inspired Tokidoki (Japanese for “sometimes”) collection is one of the most daring collections to date. The Smashbox team collaborated with tokidoki visionary and artist Simone Legno to unveil to the cosmetic world a type of makeup collection not seen before in the United States. The makeup itself is not changed. Legno created this sort of ‘Japanimation’ that embellishes each item in the collection. The artistic value coupled with the cosmetics line’s high quality makeup makes for an excellent collaboration.

The shimmery, charming, and vibrant makeup we are accustomed to becomes even more attractive with this new collection. When picking up the eye shadow quad to apply it to the face, it becomes more than simply applying makeup. The tokidoki collection provides must haves for the makeup connoisseur.

There is the line’s world famous eye shadow quad in two available compacts. The Celebrita eye shadow quad features baby pink shimmer, vibrant purple sheen, pearl sheen, and pewter shimmer. Rounding out the collection is Tink Bella, a lip and cheek color available in bright pink. This Japanimation inspired collection changes the world of cosmetics and goes beyond what is traditional makeup.

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