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Make Up Brushes

Your Handbag’s Most Essential Item

Executive Summary about Make Up Brushes by Shaun Parker

What’s the point in having your Clinique foundation if you have no brush with which to manipulate the over-priced face-saver with?

Rather that than buying a brush from a high street make-up line where you’re paying for the brand name rather than the quality of design and manufacture and expertise of a company that specialises in make-up brushes.

The longevity of your make-up brushes also depends on how well you look after them. Rinse your make-up brushes in warm water, add a little blob of mild shampoo and rinse through. Then apply soft strokes of the brushes in one direction to remove any lingering dirt and residue. To dry, simply lay the brushes on a towel and leave at room temperature – not in an airing cupboard or by a radiator as this will dry your brushes out completely and damage the bristles.

Make-up brushes are essential, so make sure you don’t rush into a purchase, shop around, check out established, specialist companies and take care of your brushes.

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The Make Up Brushes of Beatrice De Havilland

One of the nation’s favourite actresses went by the name of Beatrice de Havilland, who was famed for her gold plated make up brushes. It happened while filming the final scenes of Marmeduke, in which Marmeduke tells de Havilland’s character that he is in fact her cousin – which an emotional scene indeed, considering their romantic involvement.

Alice was doing Miss de Havilland’s hair, when she asked to have her make up touched up again with her prized make up brushes. De Havilland was distraught that her make up brushes couldn’t be located, and got Alice to search high and low for them. Alice said that Errol Baxford-Kent had given them to her after a romantic entanglement while filming The Lady of Hamberly House.

Alice told Bottomley the whole story – as de Havilland had confided in me through several productions including Hamberly House itself. For years the whole episode haunted Alice. De Havilland really loved Baxford-Kent, and those make-up brushes were a token of that important time for her. But there was one thing Alice never told Bottomley back in the winter of 1938; she had in fact stolen de Havilland’s make up brushes.

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