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Makeup Kits

How to Put Together Professional Makeup Kits

Executive Summary about Makeup Kits by Merilee Paige

If you put on makeup as part of your daily routine and sometimes find yourself spending more time looking for the makeup you want, than the actual time you spend applying your make up, it is time to organize your makeup kit. So the very first of the makeup beauty tips is: get organized.

Put out all your makeup and skin care products and go through them. Six months
* Face Powders with brushes or sponges in contact with the product
* Cream or pancake foundations
* Eye bases, creams or eye foundations
* Mascara
* Cream eye shadows
* Liquid Eyeliners
* Any other cream or gel based item for the eyes

If you do not wear the makeup everyday, organize separate kits for your costume, formal, and special occasion makeup. Group the items in piles according to:

* Daily wear
* Place makeup items that have colors that easily match almost anything you wear daily.
* Lipstick and eye shadow colors should be neutral and complimentary.
* Skin care
* Makeup removers, moisturizers, sunscreens, serums, acne treatments, including cotton balls, and q-tips fall in this pile.
* Special occasion
* Makeup with more dramatic or infrequently used colors, shimmer powder, eye shadow with exotic and dramatic colors, false eyelashes you rarely wear, products purchased to match special outfits, or wild colors used only during Halloween.

Check your makeup application tools. Throw out used and worn out sponge applicators that came with your makeup.
* Powder brushes
* Wedge sponges or foundation brushes
* Brushes for applying blush
* Large, small or angled shadow brushes
* Concealer brushes
* Lip brushes

If you do not have the makeup organizer you need, buy one.
* There are also available brush bags and kits to keep your application tools clean and can be used to organize your brushes and protect the brush ends from bending. Organize your makeup products in the bag you purchased and store the bags properly.

You have just put together a professional makeup kit and can now have a less stressful, organized and efficient makeup routine.

Professional Makeup Kits, Airbrush Makeup Kits

Air Makeup Brush

The air makeup brush is one of the latest developments in makeup application. It has revolutionized the evenness in which makeup can be applied. A person can create picture perfect makeup by air brushing. Its compressor allows the makeup to be spread evenly over the skin. Fine lines or wrinkles disappear.

Theater makeup artists know how to best use the airbrush technology. This makeup lasts longer than hand-applied makeup and at the same time, you can blend in colors more smoothly and easily with it. You can also test your makeup prowess in airbrushing by means of using a face model. As to type, dual action is the best in airbrush technology. Airbrushes can be expensive between $100-$400. Many air brush kits come with their own embedded makeup. This makeup is considered optimum for that unit.

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