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Safe Cosmetics

Safe Cosmetics – Find Out If the Cosmetics YOU Use Are Safe Or Dangerous

Executive Summary about Safe Cosmetics by Peter Wilson

Believe it or not, not all cosmetics are safe. Safe cosmetics are, in fact, hard to find.

Yes drugs are regulated and the drug companies need to conform to certain safety standards, but those standards don’t apply to either companies making cosmetics, or companies making skin care products or personal care products and health and beauty products.

In our lipsticks? Regulation on safe cosmetics ingredients is sadly lacking in the US. We removed the cosmetics, the rash disappeared and hasn’t reappeared.

The problem is so bad that there are now whole organizations set up to promote safe cosmetics and alert the public to the danger of the big brand cosmetics. And do the cosmetics companies change their behavior? Do they use safe ingredients in their cosmetics? Cosmetic companies that are prepared to dedicate themselves to produce only safe cosmetics can sign the compact to evidence their commitment to safe cosmetics.

And there is an organization called Teens Turning Green which helps direct teenagers towards safer cosmetics and other products, amongst their goals.

So how do you find out if the cosmetics you are using now are safe cosmetics or dangerous cosmetics. High hazard. However there are cosmetics companies dedicated to making safe cosmetics and personal care products. That set their highest goal as producing high quality safe cosmetics and personal care and beauty products, rather than just focussing on profits.

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Lock Up Your Daughters – Dangerous Cosmetics on the Rampage

It has been known for quite some time that many of the big name cosmetics, skincare products and personal products that you, (not I) use daily, and that teenage girls use in huge amounts, daily, contain dangerous ingredients.

Doesn’t the FDA protect us from dangerous cosmetics? Big business doesn’t have a proud record of protecting consumers by making safe products. Use safe cosmetics and safe skin care products. There are some excellent manufacturers with a stated commitment to producing safe products, including cosmetics and skin care products, and these are also extremely high quality effective products.

Cosmetics and skin care and personal and beauty care products companies can actually sign what is called the Compact For Safe Cosmetics, and publicly evidence their commitment to product safety. Get involved, or if not then buy safe and effective skin care products and cosmetics. One line of skin care products, from a company that has signed the compact and makes totally safe skin care products, is probably the worlds best and most effective skin care products.

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