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Mineral Foundation

Mineral Make Up Foundation

Executive Summary about Mineral Foundation by Naomi Flores

It had me running to the beauty bar to purchase my first product mineral make-up foundation.

I opted to purchase my first make-up foundation in loose powder form, as I had read that mineral cosmetics would be considered more “pure” if it is a loose powder. When I first tried the mineral foundation, the finish impressed me, as well as how light it felt in my skin. I had mineral powder everywhere! I tried the Ultimate All Day Liquid Mineral Foundation.

It also gives a matte finish even if your skin is oily. Illuminare also offers Fantastic Finish Liquid Make-up Foundation and Extra Coverage Liquid Mineral Make-up – both of which can be used as a base or a concealer.

Mineral Foundation Makeup, Bare Minerals Foundation

Get a Flawless Look With Mineral Foundation!

Mineral foundations are made with a blends of colors and shades that match the user’s skin tone with much more accuracy than traditional cosmetics. It contains pure substances that do not irritate the skin or promote allergies. Although other types of foundations may also contain SPF, true mineral foundation also contains a variety of skin beneficial ingredients that make it even more appealing to use.

With mineral makeup foundation, it does not need a sponge or use the fingers for application. If not satisfied with the color range, then mix in lighter or darker colors until the desired color match is achieved.

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