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Skin Clinic

What the Future Holds For Skin Treatment

Executive Summary about Skin Clinic by Dr Sean Lanigan

Skin care is a multi-million pound industry. Over the counter sales for skin treatment and skin care products is at an all-time high. As the public gains a better understanding of the true nature of skin care, experts predict that the lotions and potions that have been relied upon for generations to condition the skin and fight the signs of ageing will decline dramatically in popularity.

Experts argue that the public are becoming disillusioned with skin care products that make claims to help their customers look younger, but don’t actually deliver the results. Scientific proof exists that peptides actively stimulate skin regeneration, helping anti-ageing and the overall condition of skin that has been damaged by conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

In addition to non-invasive techniques offered by skin clinics, more technologically advanced procedures such as laser treatment, face-lifts, eyelid surgery and even botox see no signs of loosing their popularity. Isologen uses the body’s own skin cells, harvested by hand, to rejuvenate the skin. A more financially independent clientele is favouring skin treatments such as glycolic peels and microdermabrasion. Skin clinics are predicting a surge in interest for in-clinic treatments over the coming years.

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Facts About Your Skin

The skin is a remarkable piece of natural engineering, so to stay healthy it is important to look after your skin as much as possible.

• The skin has a surface area of 1-2 square metres
• The skin is composed of three layers – the outer epidermis, the dermis and the subcutis
• The optimum moisture content of healthy skin is 30%
• The skin can sense five different kinds of stimulation – touch, pressure, heat, cold and pain

The problem with many skin care products on the market today is that they smother the skin, preventing it from breathing properly. It is therefore essential that you choose the skin treatments you apply to your largest organ carefully, ensuring that they actually help to nourish the skin rather than smother it.

What you can do to look after your skin
One of the biggest problems that our skin faces is the change in diet. A modern diet has far fewer natural oils than before. It can also cause the skin to dehydrate and weaken its basic function as an effective barrier. Protecting your skin from UV damage is vital to maintaining healthy skin, so using a good quality skin treatment cream with a high UV ‘factor’ is the best way to prevent the damage to the skin in the first place. Sun protection cream can also help to minimize premature aging of the skin caused by exposure to sunlight.

The greatest threat to your skin lies in the outside world. Pollution, stress and fatigue can all lead to a general deterioration in your skin condition.

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