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Eyebrow Products

Eyelash Growth Products – Dissecting the Recent Cosmetic Trend of Growing Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Executive Summary about Eyebrow Products by Richard Hilt

In the past few years, the eyelash growth industry has exploded. This discovery led a few companies to essentially bottle the glaucoma drug in a mascara tube and sell it as an eyelash growth serum. A few survived and now offer their products via prescription only.

However, many companies were able to find ingredients which produced very similar results to the use of glaucoma drugs which in turn lead to the explosion of new eyelash growth products. This is welcome news to women who have previously relied on mascara and eyelash curlers to produce dramatic lashes.

A few of the non-prescription eyelash growth extenders sold online include Revitalash, Enourmous Lash, Lashipix, and Rapidlash in addition to many others.

Ingredients to Look For
Bimatoprost is the active ingredient used in prescription based eyelash growth products. Who Is Using These Products?
There is no exact and defined market for eyelash and eyebrow growth products. The market does primarily consist of women. Safety Concerns
Most topical eyelash and eyebrow growth products are very safe.

Eyebrows, Eyebrow Shaping

The Eyelash Growth Revolution – Dissecting the Emergence of Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Products

The seemingly overnight emergence of safe and effective eyelash growth products has resulted in the cosmetic industry as a whole scrambling to keep the idea of mascara and eyelash extensions fresh in the minds of consumers.

Why? Because, women who use eyelash growth products also known as eyelash conditioners will no longer have the need to use either mascara or lash extensions. While some may not notice the appearance of someone’s lashes or brows, many people as well as the mirror are sure to take notice.

Concerning eyebrows, there is a method called threading in which hair follicles are essentially threaded into the existing follicles to produce a more dramatic brow line. Thankfully, after many years of trial and error, a new cosmetic force has entered the market: eyelash growth products. Right to the point, eyelash growth treatments are able to produce better, stronger and longer eyelashes and eyebrows in a matter of weeks.

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