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Urban Decay Makeup

Urban Decay Naked Palette –

A Beautiful Neutral Palette For All Seasons

Executive Summary about Urban Decay Makeup by Natasha Hopkins

If you are that type of fashonista you need to check out the latest makeup palette By Urban Decay Cosmetics called the Naked Palette.
The Naked Palette, which retails for $44, by Urban Decay is a beautiful, blendable collection of neutral eyeshadows that every woman would want to have in her makeup collection.

The palette itself is so luxurious with the chocolate brown velvety exterior that has embossed gold lettering on top. The palette features 12 eyeshadows including 5 new shades such as Virgin, Buck, Darkhorse, Hustle, and Creep. When the reviews of a brand like this becomes available products like the Naked Palette sells out very fast.

However, rest assure this palette will make it’s debut back in-store this August for those who are itching to get their fancy hands on this amazing palette.

Urban Decay, Urban Decay Shadow

A Review of Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows Volume 2

Urban decay cosmetics has come out with a larger palette of eye shadows for this holiday season. The Book of Shadows Vol. 2 has 16 beautiful shades to choose. The travel size eyeshadow compact contains two eye pencils, Zero and Bourbon. and a The famous Urban Decay primer potion. The interior is enticingly vivid with peacock eyes decorating the large mirror.

The palette comes with its own hidden book of urban decays model Daniela. One can get inspiration from the peacock feather look of dark purple blue eyes bewitching or opting instead for the pale brushed look accenting the natural beauty of your own eyes. Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows Vol 2 is a perfect gift for the budding actress, makeup artist or any makeup enthusiasts out there.

Interesting as part of the total eye collection is the primer potion to be used before you start applying the eye shadow. The result is more vibrant eyes and no creasing or fading of the eye shadow for long term wear throughout the day.

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