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Bridal Makeup

The Latest Bridal Makeup

Executive Summary about Bridal Makeup by Katheryne Thomas

The latest bridal makeup technique to help makeup artists achieve the perfect wedding makeup is airbrushing. The cornerstone of any great makeup look is foundation, and there is no better way to apply foundation that with an airbrush. Airbrushing really comes into its own as the latest bridal makeup when the bridal contouring comes into play.

Color matching is also completely customizable in an airbrush.
The latest bridal makeup trends are all about looking naturally beautiful, and that comes down to skin tone, so its no wonder that airbrushing is the biggest thing to hit the bridal makeup industry, because an airbrushed face simply looks like perfect natural skin.

Airbrush companies like Dinair have long been predicting the 3D revolution, and have airbrushing HD makeup that looks flawless under an HD camera and even better in real life.

Bridal Makeup Looks, Bridal Makeup Artist

Perfect Brides Makeup

Eyes, lips and skin are the three defining areas for a brides makeup. Skin needs to be flawless, lips soft and full and eyes bright and defined.

Flawless foundation is the base to any brides makeup, and can make or break the bridal look. Even coverage, seamless blending and the right amount of contouring and highlights are the things every makeup artist hopes to get right for a brides makeup.

Contouring and highlighting are essential for bridal looks because of the photographs. Photos tend to wash face out, and make them look dimensionless, so adding contouring to the face makes the brides makeup stand out, her face have dimension and not washed out. Airbrushing is probably the best thing to happen to brides makeup since fake eyelashes!

Eyes are the most variable areas for brides makeup. For sub continental and Arab brides, eyes tend to be colorful, dramatic and very heavily lined.

The secret to pout-perfect brides makeup is both a highlight and a contour. Then press a highlight eye shadow-the same pearl as the eyes-into the center of the lips.

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