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Free Cosmetics – Is It A Good Idea And How Can You Get Your Big Brand Free Cosmetics?

Executive Summary about Beauty Brands by Sami Fab

You may have seen a lot of offers for free cosmetics fro well known brands. You may have seen some unbelievable cosmetics offers for the same brands.

Examples include paying a couple of dollars postage for hundreds of dollars worth of cosmetics. To decide whether it is a good idea to accept free cosmetics offers, you have to understand why the offers exist.
After all the planning, all the design and all the analyses, the cosmetics brands need those vital “test results”.

The other two important motives behind free cosmetics offers are market stimulation
and of course promotion.

By now you should have noticed that offering free cosmetics is just another marketing activity. If you deal with reputable companies, you will be just fine.

All the big names provide free cosmetics and sometimes the amounts are extremely generous. Go to the major search engines and search for terms like “free cosmetics”, “cosmetics offers”, “free cosmetics offers”.

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Cosmetic Products Free – How You Too Can Get Top Brand Cosmetic Products Free

There are many offers and ads all around us for free cosmetics and perhaps more so on the web than anywhere else. Often the offers appear to be from well known and top class companies. I’m going to reveal to you the truth behind these free cosmetics offers in this article.

There are scams going on in any popular industry and the cosmetics industry is no exception. OK, giving away promotional products is nothing new in the cosmetics market or any other. Also intense competition means that there is always some free cosmetics offer or another available from multiple cosmetics firms. These offers for free cosmetics are across many product types too. The result is that if you look around, you will find products offered free or at a very low cost covering many of your cosmetics requirements.

How does this help the cosmetics firm? Free cosmetics offers for new product launches are quite understandable. But why for established products and why $1?
By the time a product becomes established, the cosmetics firm has long recovered its development costs. The profit margin on a popular product is therefore extremely large.

So a reminder to you, by way of a free cosmetics offer, costs nothing compared to all the extra profits that you will generate for them in the coming months … but it is good for you too to get some free top quality cosmetics.

Long story short, if you won’t spend $1 on a beautiful bag full of top class cosmetics worth $100, then you are not going to spend any money on the same cosmetics on the high street. The Internet has created *permission based marketing*.

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