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Organic Wines – Do You Know What Makes an Organic Wine?

Executive Summary about Organic Make Up by Pierre Duponte

Organic wines are made from grapes that are cultivated under organic, or biodynamic, conditions. Biodynamic practices ensure that the product to be consumed is free of chemicals, preservatives and other additives that are either manually added or transported into the grapevines through the soil.

Organic wine growers generally select specific cultivars that are particularly resistant to disease, in order to plan for the success of their organic harvest. To treat diseases and other pests, organic winemakers and grape growers utilize natural compounds that are made of mineral or biological elements. There are natural soaps and oils that can be used to treat a grapevine for disease and insect infestation. Other organic methods include the application of organic, used ground coffee beans, and/or organic crushed eggs that add necessary calcium and other important minerals to the soil.

Fertilization is also achieved successfully by organically treating weeds. Instead of spraying weeds, mulching and mowing is the typical organic practice.

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Organic Wine – What is It?

A biodynamic, or organic, environment is maintained by only employing organic fertilization, and avoiding any chemicals that can be toxic for the wine-drinker.

Westerners benefit from a drier, gentler climate than the harsh, humid conditions of the east. Selecting a grape varietal that will thrive in your vineyard’s climate is the first-most step to maintaining an organic vineyard.

Some important practices of organic vineyards include:
• The use of organic compost (ie.bat guano) to replace synthetic fertilization.
• The use of organic soaps/oils to prevent, and treat pests.
• Treatment of weeds by mulching and mowing to replace chemical spraying.

While you need to be most attentive to the management of organic growing, in order to preserve the organic quality of your wine, you mustn’t add any chemicals or sulfites to the finished product.

According to the USDA you can only call your wine ‘organic’ if natural sulfite levels do not exceed 20ppm, and if the wine has no added sulfites that could be allergenic to the consumer.

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