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Make Up Permanent

Is Permanent Makeup the Right Option For You?

Executive Summary about Make Up Permanent by Sue Woodall

The answer to that question is quite often a resounding, ‘Not if I can help it!‘ It’s a busy world, and time is a precious commodity. If you recall the time you spend applying make-up daily, think again about how much time you spend just shopping for your cosmetics, running from store to store or waiting for your online purchase to be delivered.

  • Have you ever looked longingly at your child’s brown crayon, because you mislaid your eyebrow pencil?
  • Do you often unintentionally sport a cocked eyebrow, a la James Bond?
  • Do you avoid swimming pools, saunas, and exercise in general, because the moisture from the water, steam and sweat melts your eyebrows off?

If you did answer yes to any of these questions, and if time is an important factor for you, then you may want to consider an alternative to the daily hassle of painting on eyebrows where you have little or no brow definition, lining your eyes so that they appear larger and brighter, and lining and colouring your lips so they won’t look so uneven, thin or drawn. That alternative is Permanent Cosmetic Make-up.

Make up permanent is the most effective way of reducing your time in front of the mirror, taking up valuable space in your bag with unnecessary cosmetics and leaving you more time to do the things you’d rather be doing.

Semi Permanent Make Up

Eyebrows: Individuals with misshapen, sparse or lightly coloured eyebrows can have their brows professionally shaped, shaded and customised, to your own taste, as well as to your bone structure. Eyes: Permanent eyeliner can be applied as subtly or dramatically as you like. The choice of colours available today means that you can opt to enhance either your own natural eye colour, or the shape of your eyes, resulting in eyes that sparkle and stand out. Lips: As you age, your lips can appear to lose their shape as well as that lovely rosy lip colour of your youth. If your lips now tend to look pinched, colourless and drawn, and your lipstick bleeds despite the numerous reapplications of lip liner, then permanent lip lining and a subtle application of blush across your lips can fix these issues.

Permanent lip liner can reshape your lips, creating a symmetrical appearance, and give you the pretty, pouty look that’s so desirable.

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