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Mineral Makeup for Rosacea

Acne rosacea skin care goes beyond just the medications and skin treatments that address the irritating symptoms of this skin condition. For those who choose to wear makeup, mineral makeup is an excellent choice for rosacea sufferers. Dermatologists often recommended mineral makeup to women with sensitive skin, especially rosacea.

Mineral makeups, although slightly more expensive, offer an excellent alternative to rosacea sufferers. Mineral makeup is as pure as it gets — void of talc, chemical additives, fragrance, fillers, preservatives and dyes, it’s an excellent choice for rosacea skin care.

Growing from a need for cosmetics gentle enough to use on skin after chemical peels or resurfacing treatments, mineral makeup is made from finely crushed, high pigment minerals. Zinc oxide, one of the base minerals, is anti-inflammatory, which means it calms the skin down. So it’s perfect for people with blemishes, rosacea, oily skin, dry skin or for immediate post-treatment use.” And because it is talc-free, mineral makeup actually holds in moisture, keeping skin hydrated and averting wrinkles.

The best choice for rosacea and acne sufferers is mineral makeup which doesn’t contain these ingredients (some supposed mineral makeup does, so read the labels carefully): talc, Bismuth Oxychloride, preservatives, synthetic dyes and fragrance. Without the addition of talc, mineral foundation holds in moisture which helps the skin’s dry condition.

Many Rosacea sufferers report that mineral makeups actually cure the Rosacea, which is probably true since zinc oxide and titanium oxide are natural anti-irritants. It is important that you wash your face lightly, apply makeup lightly, even if it is mineral makeup, to prevent from aggravating Rosacea.

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