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The problem with cellulite and liposuction is that liposuction only removes fat cells, and cellulite is not simply a problem of excess fat. Liposuction will not address these problems.

Additionally, liposuction for cellulite is not an effective option because liposuction usually removes fat from a deeper layer of the skin than where cellulite occurs. Cellulite is stored close to the surface of the skin. The fat at the deeper levels can act to cushion, and smooth out, the cellulite near the surface. Removing that fat without having other cellulite treatments can make you realize you had more cellulite than you thought.

The problem is that when someone with cellulite has liposuction, their cellulite can become much more pronounced and more noticeable overall. Some patients claim that they never had cellulite until after having liposuction. Many women and men with cellulite claim creams and lotions do wonders for their skin.

There are also less invasive treatments being used widely for cellulite, including mesotherapy. Cellulite is fat deposits in the lower extremity where skin tends to accumulate in engorged fat compartments. Fat chambers near the skin’s surface bulge then cause dimpling of the skin. There are medical procedures that can be combined with liposuction to help with the removal of cellulite. Along with the removal of cellulite and liposuction, a new technique can help eliminate your problem areas. Mainly, it offers a way of reducing the cellulite’s impact with the removal of cellulite and liposuction surgery.

The Endermologie therapy is designed to be combined with the removal of cellulite and liposuction and is a technique for refining the most superficial skin irregularities and dimples. Tumescent liposuction remains the best treatment regarding cellulite and liposuction for undesirable, diet-resistant, hereditary fat storage pockets which cause the typical fat bulges of the outer thighs, hips and abdomen.

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